Újratervezés Pszichológiai Tanácsadó Központ

Szikszai Alexandra

Psychologist, Sexual Psychologist Candidate

Office hours:

Monday: 16:30-18:30
Tuesday: 16:30-19:30

My name is Alexandra Szikszai, I’m a sexual psychologist candidate. I graduated from the University of Debrecen. I’m currently working as a psychologist at DEMEK where I work with students who are facing adaptation challenges, stressful events, relationship complications, self-esteem and family issues. I would describe myself as an empathic, really open-minded person. My aim is to help people find the resources and strengths in themselves to get through their difficulties.

You can contact me regarding the following issues:

  • life management 
  • relationship problems
  • low self-esteem
  • sexual life difficulties
  • crisis consultation
  • family conflicts

Feel free to contact me!


Professional experience:

2021- present: University of Debrecen, Psychologist


2021-2023: Eötvös Loránd University, sexualpsychologist candidate

2021- present: University of Debrecen, PhD candidate

2019-2021: University of Debrecen, Health Psychologist 

2016-2019: University of Debrecen – psychology BA